Christmas Gift Set  聖誕套裝

Christmas Gift Set 聖誕套裝

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Ready for staycation, camping or any fun activities during the Christmas? This will be a great one for your little ones. 
This combo set comes with fruity Blueberry scent shampoo, dedicated to your little boy, with travel sized daily essentials Citrus 2-in-1 hair and body wash and   Grapefruit Island swimmers top-to-toe , it is well prepared for your staycation. 
Our products contain more than 95% natural content with organic plant and flower extracts that the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties to protect and nourish your beloved one’s hair and body.  They contain no sulphates or parabens.  
Act now to provide high quality natural ingredients daily essentials to your little one, every penny count to improve their health.  

[Christmas Gift Sets includes:]

Quality you can trust

  • Made in Australia
  • With certified organic plant and flower extracts 
  • No sulphates or parabens
  • No animal products or testing
  • Gentle on eyes and skin
  • Suitable for all ages and hair types
poutCare 特意挑選男孩摯愛籃莓香味洗髮水,及旅行裝日常必需柑橘二合一洗髮沐浴露和戶外活動游泳專用特殊配方西柚島海盜游泳洗髮沐浴露,為您的staycation 做好充分準備。

它含有超過 95% 的天然成分和有機植物和花卉提取物,具有舒緩和抗炎特性,可保護和滋養您心愛的人的頭髮和皮膚。並且不含硫酸鹽或對羥基苯甲酸酯。

[套裝包括] :

  • 藍莓小騎士天然洗髮水 250ml 
  • 柑橘牛仔洗髮沐浴露 75ml 
  • 西柚島海盜游泳洗髮沐浴露 75ml


  • 澳洲製造
  • 含有機植物及花提取物
  • 不含硫酸鹽、防腐劑及色素
  • 不含動物産品及測試
  • 溫和配方對眼睛及肌膚
  • 適合任何年齡的肌膚及髮質